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Transforming Used Plastic Packaging into a New Polymer – PCR Solution

As the world becomes increasingly more focused on sustainability, Sunrise Plastic is focusing on finding new opportunities to recycle used plastic, including packaging. A key example: Form fill seal bags, used to ship prime plastic, can only be used once and then are destined for landfills. While these bags can’t be reused, we have an innovative solution to transform this used packaging into a new certified recycled content polymer. 

Sunrise collects used form fill seal bags and then recycles and compounds the bags into our certified recycled Sunrise Sustainable Polymers. Our process has been audited by GreenCircle Certified, an independent auditor that verifies the sustainable aspects of products and manufacturing operations.

Our certified recycled content resins and polymers are ideal for OEM users who manufacture products requiring a portion of feedstock to be sustainable materials. 

By transforming used plastic packaging into certified recycled content resins and polymers, we’re actively combating plastic waste and providing manufacturers with a viable, sustainable alternative.

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