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Polymer Recovery Services

Sunrise Services

Sunrise Services is Sunrise's polymer recovery service division. When prime plastic is made, millions of pounds of excess polymer are also generated and generally go to waste. At Sunrise Services, we carefully recover spilled and scrap polymer from major petrochemical plants to return the resins to a clean, homogeneous, reusable state.

Dependable Recovery

Our process is simple. We leverage an arsenal of polymer recovery machines, techniques, and custom equipment, especially suited for petrochemical plant challenges to collect the secondary polymer created in prime plastic production. Then at our improvement centers, Sunrise washes, dries, grinds, blends, and sorts the spilled or off-rate polymer, returning it to a good as new status, providing companies with a dependable alternative. 

Efficient and Cost-Effective

The cleanup, removal, and resale of excess scrap plastic is a very expensive process. With Sunrise Recovery Services, we can handle all the logistics, allowing you and your team to focus their efforts on your core business. Partnering with Sunrise for recovery and removal services saves our clients, on average, $2,000 a day from their maintenance budget.  

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