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Corporate Sustainability

Sunrise’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond working with our clients and customers to produce recycled and certified recycled plastic and resin. Our team has invested in company-wide recycling and landfill reduction efforts, and is proudly taking action every day to reduce waste and create a cleaner tomorrow.

At one time, the only way for major producers to deal with the residue was to dispose of it in landfills, a solution that was both bad for the environment and socially irresponsible. Aware of the damage being done to our natural resources and the economic waste of polymer residue, petrochemical producers and global consumers demanded a safer, more responsible solution.

bundles of used super sacks on pallets

Employee Initiatives

Within our office, the Sunrise team utilizes sorting and collection bins for recyclable materials. We host “blitz drives” every week for more specialized recyclables, such as corrugated cardboard. Additionally, during these specialized recycling drives we encourage employees to bring harder-to-recycle materials from home, such as electronics, paint, and packing materials.

When they participate in our sustainability efforts, our employees accumulate points to use when shopping at the Sunrise store.

In the first quarter of 2023, Sunrise’s employee recycling campaign collected enough material to fill two household swimming pools — rescuing this material from landfill.

Corporate Initiatives

Sunrise is also committed to reducing the waste we generate in our everyday work processes.

We have reduced our use of materials like cardboard, pallets, and stretch wrap. By eliminating our reliance on these materials, we ensure they do not end up in landfills. When we have to use these materials, we guarantee to include them in our recycling efforts. We also separate out raffia shipping sacks which are then used in one of our recycled products.

Extending our efforts to work with our clients, we collect used pallets from petrochemical sites and recycle them. We also collect used super sacks and recycle them as part of our Sunrise Sustainable® product line.

We also work to ensure that we don’t cast off any materials onto the local land and water supply as we transport plastics for reprocessing. For example, the process of emptying trucks carrying plastic is known to leave residual plastic in the bed, as well as excess plastic on the bumpers and tires. To address this, Sunrise has created a designated washing station where we wash the pellets out of the truck and wash the truck’s exterior. All of the plastic pellets washed off the truck are vacuumed up into a sump pump, recovered, and reused in our recycled products. We then track these efforts to quantify the volume we stop from going into landfills.

collection of film scrap in bales