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Operation Clean Sweep Polymer Collector Truck

Three trucks are parked outside of a white building - the trucks have the Sunrise logo on their door and read "Operation Clean Sweep" on their body

Sunrise is pleased to announce that as of 2024, 10 of our petrochemical plant customers enjoy routine service from one our fleet of Operation Clean Sweep Polymer Collector Trucks. 

Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is an international program designed to prevent resin pellet, flake, and powder loss. It helps keep pellets, flakes, and powder out of the marine environment. OCS’s best practices and management resources specifically support companies as they equip their facilities and establish protocols to prevent resin loss.

The OCS sweeper is a mobile collection tool. Customers schedule our polymer collection teams to patrol non-processing common areas in and around the facility.

Operation Clean Sweep Blue Verification

The OCS sweeper is just one of many resources deployed to ensure Sunrise customers’ plants adhere to the tenets of OCS.

“OCS is about stewardship and taking care of the environment,” said Chris Magnus, President of Sunrise Plastic Enterprise. “When employees see the truck on-site, it reaffirms that Sunrise is committed to developing best practices as we serve the principles set forth by OCS.”

Sunrise, which has received an OCS Blue Verification, is proud to continue working with OSC and incorporate these weekly sweeper visits into our processes.

OCS Blue Verification is awarded only when third-party inspections verify that 25+ requirements have been successfully implemented at the facility level. To maintain this qualification, Sunrise provides quarterly data to prove that we continue to meet OSC’s rigorous standards. Read more to learn about OCS Blue Verification and the OCS mission.