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Sunrise, a leader in secondary resins and polymer recovery since 1988, has expanded its regional capacities with the opening of two new service facilities in Pennsylvania and Illinois. 

These plants allow us to expand our existing services to two of our major partners – Shell Polymers (in Pennsylvania) and LyondellBasell (in Illinois).

Our dedicated Sunrise staff recovers spilled, non-conforming, and waste polymer scrap from client plants and transports it to a recovery facility. From there, the scrap is recycled using our proprietary methods and transformed into Sunrise’s certified recycled resins. 

Global polyethylene production totaled approximately 104.4 million tons in 2020 and is projected to increase to 121.4 million tons by 2026 (Tiseo, 2021). The production process and transport can incur hazardous spills and other waste. Sunrise supports our clients’ environmental goals by keeping this waste out of landfills, waterways, and communities. 

“We are excited to continue Sunrise’s growth into the northern US,” says Chris Magnus, President of Sunrise Plastic Enterprises, Inc. “This expansion gives us the ability to service some of our key customers and offer them 24/7 recovery response. Sunrise’s recovery specialists will help our Pennsylvania and Illinois partners reduce their environmental impact and meet their Operation Clean Sweep compliance needs.”